EBPOM 2018

The 2nd Hong Kong Evidence Based Symposium (EBPOM) will be held on 12th and 13th May, 2018. The 1st Hong Kong EBPOM held in March 2017 was immensely successful, and we hope to further improve on it in the upcoming symposium.

The aim of EBPOM is to improve the quality and outcome of perioperative care through discussion and dissemination of evidence based research findings and clinical knowledge. Various topics in perioperative medicine will be covered in the 2nd Hong Kong EBPOM. This includes the latest evidence regarding Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) as well as other important topics such as postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD), preoperative risk stratification, and cardiopulmonary exercise training. ERAS is an important component of perioperative care and advocates enhancing recovery, shortening length of hospital stay and reducing morbidity through the contributions of a multidisciplinary team to optimize aspects such as surgical stress, anaesthesia and analgesia, fluid management and nutrition. The organizing committee will invite both knowledgeable and experienced international and local speakers to discuss the newest evidence, developments and clinical experience.

CME Points (to be confirmed)