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Major Research Areas
Total intravenous anaesthesia:
propofol, remifentanil, dexmedetomidine; patient-controlled and target-controlled infusion
Opioid pre and post conditioning
Pharmacokinetic variations in various disease states; dose response characteristics
Perioperative medicine

Contact Person
Professor M. Irwin
Email: mgirwin@hku.hk
Dental sedation and pain:
Dental sedation drugs and techniques; safety of intravenous sedation; monitoring depth of sedation; acute post-operative dental pain; chronic orofacial pain.

Contact Person
Professor C.W. Cheung
Email: cheucw@hku.hk
Pain management:
Pain and pro-inflammatory markers; genetics and pain; complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS); acute post-operative pain management; chronic and cancer pain management; pain medications and techniques on pain management; effect of pain on patient outcomes.

Contact Person
Professor C.W. Cheung
Email: cheucw@hku.hk
Cardiac protective effects of opioid drugs, especially remifentanil in both animal models and clinical studies:
Role of inflammatory mediators in the development of chronic pain in animal models; analgesic effects of antiepileptic drugs.

Contact Person
Dr. G.T.C. Wong
Email: gordon@hku.hk
Anaesthetic drugs and pain management:
Effect of propofol for acute postoperative pain, analgesic mechanisms of propofol in animal models of chronic regional pain syndrome, regional anaesthesia and postoperative pain.

Contact Person
Dr. Stanley Wong
Email: wongstan@hku.hk
Protection against myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury:
Understanding the mechanisms of myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury in normal and in functionally impaired diabetic heart, and the application/optimizing therapeutic/protective interventions for cardioprotection, such as ischemic pre- and post-conditioning cardioprotection and pharmacological (e.g., anesthetic) conditioning cardioprotection.

Contact Person
Dr. Zhengyuan Xia
Email: zyxia@hku.hk
Postgraduate Admissions Advisor
Dr. G.T.C. Wong
Tel. 2255 3303
Fax: 2855 1654
Email: gordon@hku.hk