August 27th, 2016
Department of Anaesthesiology
The University of Hong Kong
A Hands On Workshop

About The Course

Who is this course for?

Are you someone who has been practising anaesthesia for some time but

  • feels nervous when compelled to perform the occasional total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA) case?
  • is not confident about how to safely prepare and conduct TIVA?
  • has questions about or are confused by pharmacokinetic models?
  • does not have colleagues around to seek advice?


Are you someone who wants to improve your confidence when using TIVA with TCI by acquiring

  • hands on experience in setting up a TCI case with immediate feedback from instructors?
  • practical tips on the do’s and don’ts of using TCI?
  • knowledge of how to use TIVA in different situations with different types of patients?

If you answer yes to any one of the above questions, you should consider joining this one day workshop conducted by members of the Department of Anaesthesiology at the University of Hong Kong with help from renowned international TIVA leaders.  This course is targeting the novice to the occasional TIVA practitioner (less than 5% of cases in most hospitals are TIVA based), but maybe refreshing for those who are more familiar with TIVA but want to refine their technique through interactive learning.


Workshop Outline

TIVA Workshop Outline